If there were a way for you to easily make more money would you want it?

The first step to creating financial freedom in your life is to understand what you’ve been doing wrong and put some new money strategies in place!

You are in the right place if you find yourself thinking or saying:


“I can’t afford to do that.”

“I’m no good with money.”

“Money changes people.”

“I’ll deal with it at another moment”.”

“I never have enough.”

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Don’t put your dreams and freedom on hold! If you want to create the life you really desire with your money supporting you, you must start now. If not now, when?

I am Tania Vasallo a Master of freedom and the founder of TheCourageToBeHappy.com a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart-centred female entrepreneurs all over the world to have the courage to be happy and create a life and business of freedom!


When I work with my clients I hold the vision for them to manifest a life that they love living and I help them become clear about WHO they are and WHY they are here.  I have helped many clients find their purpose, fulfill their dreams and create meaningful lives and businesses in a much faster way than they could have ever imagined.


I look forward to connecting with you!

“I know now that money has my back, it’s my friend and it’s ok to spend it.”


II am proud of how I have faced my insecurities with money and have been able to shift my relationship with it. I have learned that if you focus on money and treat it well and be grateful and appreciative of it then it will come in greater abundance. I know now that money has my back, it’s my friend and it’s ok to spend it. 

—Zia Cross

“In just 18 months I have been able to save $4,500 into my wealth account!”


A big-money shift I have had is that it’s not as scary as I thought. I don’t have to worry so much about it, instead, I feel more empowered. I now see money more like my friend. In just 18 months I have been able to save $4,500 into my wealth account! 

– Val Romero

“I ended up receiving $17,000 in investments for my food company”


Since going through your money programs I've gained so many different things with money I went to see property not far from Santa Fe after attending one of Tania’s events and we made $25,000 on flipping it. Working with Tania brings you into a magical, magnanimous, magnificent,

mood with money

- Lisa Longnecker

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