Increase Your Income and Impact
3 Days in Santa Fe, NM
May 30th - June 1st (Thursday - Saturday)


Do you want to make more money and make a bigger difference in the world?

If you're reading this, you've probably had some kind of formal education, high school, college, or even a professional license or certification.

What did they teach you about money and valuing yourself in school?

If you're like the hundreds of other people I've worked with, the answer is "nothing" or "not much."

If you didn't learn about valuing yourself and money in school, how do you get a

By "life education," I mean, specifically, how to
create a business and lifestyle that you love, that is meaningful to you, which aligns with your values.

If you suspect that you may need to own your worth,
learn about how to advance your financial education and confidence, then keep reading...

"I got 2 master's degrees, plenty of certification, but my business was failing ... "

Several years ago, I thought I could achieve freedom. I worked in corporate America on million- dollar accounts like Samsung, AT&T Wireless, Nabisco, Starbucks, etc. As an art director, I would help them solve their problems and create memorable campaigns that would increase their profit. From the outside in, it looked very glamorous; but deep down, my soul was dying, I felt i needed to experience a life of freedom from corporate America. I wanted to venture out on my own and bring together all my skills as an art director, photographer, and life coach.

I opened up a studio with my husband and we had good months and then we had bad months. It was the feast and famine cycle. Many days I'd think about going back to corporate America just to have a secure paycheck.

During one of those years, a dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. This completely made me give up on my coaching for four years. While working with my own coach, she pointed out
"Think of all the people you could have helped along their path in these years that you weren't coaching."

I became one of those people that had a deep yearning and passion to make a difference in the world, but I couldn't figure out how to succeed on my own. I had spent
thousands of dollars on different degrees and certifications that I wasn't monetizing. My business was falling and all I could think of was
"How could I bring all my passions together into one place?"

I thought about giving up,
But there was something bigger inside me that pulled me through, knowing that I wanted to work with other passionate women in the world. If I could figure this out, make it work, connect with one other woman and inspire her to
make a difference in her life, family, and community, then it would all be well worth it.

Right after that, I had the Incredible opportunity to participate in a workshop and a high-level mastermind group where some of the guests were multi-millionaire business owners. I saw the impact that the main facilitator and a lot of the participants were having on the world. This revelation showed me that the problem wasn't me. I just hadn't been shown the way
to be able to thrive, to make more money, and make a bigger difference.


I now had a new goal: to inspire as many passionate - driven people to make bigger difference in the world and make money while doing it. If we all come together, it will become a ripple effect and we can turn the world into a better place! I continued to get educated in business and branched out on my own giving birth to "The Courage To Be Happy". --Now The Courage To Be–

I have a big mission: To inspire and empower you as an entrepreneur to own your worth, make incredible money doing what you love, and create a time and money freedom lifestyle!

In my first year, my list went from 0 to over 1,000. Since then, I've been doubling my business every single year, touching the lives of thousands of people. I achieved this by working only 20 hours a week because when I started this business, I was a new mom to a toddler. I have learned a lot throughout my journey. In this event, i will share with you how to learn from my mistakes so you won't make the same ones. Now, I am MORE PASSIONATE than ever about teaching women to own their value and to learn about money. In doing so, they'll be able to design a life and business that brings them the freedom they are looking for. "If You've Ever Felt Overwhelmed, Confused or Frustrated When It Comes to Making More Money and Making a Bigger Difference, You've Come to The Right Place..." If you're like most of the clients I've worked with you are:

  • Tired of WORKING SO HARD just to get by financially
  • Overwhelmed by the details of making more money with your business
  • Frustrated that all your efforts still aren't getting you the results you want
  • Afraid that your life will pass you by and you won't be able to fulfill your dreams

"That's Why I Created the 3-Day Live Event:

Increase Your Income and Impact…”

Increase Your Income and Impact is an experiential event that gives you practical tools to shift your mindset, to own your value so that you can charge for what you are worth, to have a better relationship with money and realize how you can continue to amplify the impact that you are having on the world.

And because the event is so interactive and fun, you will be surprised at how energized and inspired you after spending 3 days together.

You'll go from feeling overwhelmed, confused, about your business and money and instead you'll come out empowered, confident and excited about your new mindset and path regarding money.

“I did not know that I had a blockage with my relationship with money and I did not know that my confidence was a little on the lower side.”

"There were so many exercises that led to breakthroughs [...]

I have so many new ideas of how to take things to the next level."

"The thing that I gained the most from this is really seeing my potential and that application is the only thing that I am lacking [...] Just do it! You will not be sorry. You will leave this weekend a totally different person!"

"I’m transitioning after my husband's death, seeking to create a new life [...] The workshop helped identify what to look for in the transition, it opened my eyes to a new perspective on money and self-worth."

"I didn't know quite what to expect. What I got from it is empowerment for myself [...]

Being uncomfortable and stretching myself, all good things for moving forward.”

“Tania's ability to connect all of these strangers to be each other's friends and get us to collaborate and not feel weird [...]The power of decision-making was also very powerful in this retreat."

In just one weekend, you'll receive the life education that you never received in school or at home. You have a profound shift in how you'll value yourself and your relationship with money.

After this event, you'll never see yourself the same way again...

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn:

  • Discover the secret formula to own your value so you can start shifting your dollars per hour to dollars per value
  • Simple strategies on how to overcome the stresses of money and befriend it instead
  • Learn to manage your time efficiently so you can maximize the hours in the day
  • Collaborate and meet new friends and partners during our networking sessions

During our time together we'll focus on ...

Here's what others are saying ...

"For anyone who's considering the event, do it!

Don't think about it [...] Giving yourself the space and time to learn, to grow, and to figure out your next move."

“We are from different groups, different nationalities, and different ages. We have different kinds of businesses. Some of us have regular jobs{ …}and being able to create this great energy with all these like minded entrepreneurial women is fantastic”

"I didn't really know that I was going to get this much out of a three-day, you really learn more than just coaching [...] You learn lessons and ways to do your business differently [...] It's an amazing opportunity."

"Tania is a genius at weaving together people's talents, excavating the things that hold them back [...] Even if it was solely for personal development, I think you should sign up and take this course."

“Tania holds a space that really brings out the best in me, in my material life and in my spiritual life [...] fabulous business coaching entrepreneur program. Do it. You won't regret it."

“I learned a lot about my relationship with money and passive income [...] I Collaborated and connected with so many women from different experiences [...}Don't miss it. It's a life-changing event."

What's different about Increase Your Income and Impact?

There's a big difference between business and money strategies and the mindset required to succeed with those strategies.

You can learn all the strategies in the world, and that's great, but no one is teaching you the mindset shift that needs to take place in order to make, attract and keep growing your money to create the life of your dreams.

It's amazing to see 6 and 7 figure level entrepreneurs that talk about making these figures but haven't put the right systems in place to keep this money for themselves and their family, or to grow their money to be able to create their freedom lifestyle.

90% of all women will have to manage their own money and financial well-being at some stage of their lives, yet the vast majority of these women will not have a clue how to do it!

We specialize in supporting women entrepreneurs.

The majority of business and money strategies out there have been either designed by men or infused with a lot of male energy.

As women, we relate differently to money than men and there are different barriers to get through.
Why not come and learn about money and business with other women who are in the same boat that you. Together we can learn more and grow more.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

You'll Learn Through Experience
This event is not another boring zoom lecture where someone talks at you for three days and you just want to shut your laptop and go.

We'll invite you to participate in transformational experiences and processes because the more you can interact with the information that's being provided and practice your newly acquired skills, the more quickly you can learn, integrate and get results.

And because the event is fun and interactive, you'll leave feeling energized, inspired, connected to other amazing women and ready to take action.

What others are saying ...

"Such incredible energy, and ideas […] It makes you really be able to think about what's going to help you grow both as a person and in your business?"

“She'll make your sales grow, YOU grow, and learn to appreciate the value

and impact that you're bringing to the world.”

"If you are considering needing a little boost in your business or just in your own personal development, I would highly recommend checking it out."

"If you are not happy with where your life or your business is right now, then it's worth it to look at WHY and HOW to change because if nothing changes, nothing changes.

I guarantee when you go to this retreat, things will change."

“Being in an intimate container with other women of all ages and backgrounds and witnessing each other
expand and grow over three days was incredibly empowering and revitalizing."

"There were a lot of amazing conversations, takeaways, energy shifts [...} I highly recommend it!"


Is This Exclusively for Women?

We love and appreciate all genders as well as non-binary people and encourage all to attend. While the event is designed with women entrepreneurs in mind, you’ll find that most of the content is still applicable to people in general.

Is This Exclusively for Entrepreneurs? What If I Have a Job?

While the event is designed with entrepreneurs in mind, you’ll find that a lot of content is still applicable, especially around money mindset. The experiential exercises will also be very helpful for you.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

Whether it’s your spouse, partner, family member, client, colleague or friend… the answer is YES!

We highly encourage you to bring a buddy because you’ll increase your chances of success dramatically with ongoing support (instead of trying to do everything on your own).

If you’re married or in a relationship where you share your business or finances, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend this event with your spouse or partner so that you can be on the same page about money. We want to help set you up for success!

I’m Doing Really Well With My Business and Financially. Will This Be Too Basic for Me?

We’ve had 6 figure, multi 6 figure and millionaires regularly attend this event and rave about how valuable it is for them! This event will help you expand and improve on what you’re already doing well.

Should I Wait Until I Have My Business and Finances further along to Attend This Event?

OMG, please don’t do that to yourself! One of the most common and costly pitfalls that entrepreneurs fall into is thinking “I’ll focus on my business when I have the time” or “I’ll invest in this program once I have more money saved up.” But actually, you’ll have more tools, strategies and money when you just choose to do it at this moment. What will be the cost if you don’t carve out the time now and wait another year? We encourage you to start now!

What If I Can Only Attend Part of the Event?

Each part of the event builds on the last so if you miss part of the event, you miss out on a LOT. We encourage you to give yourself the gift of blocking out all three days on your calendar and being fully present so that you can get the most out of your experience at this event.

Will There Be a Lot of Selling at the Event?

We’ve been to live events that felt like a series of one “sales pitch” after another with very little usable content from the event itself. That’s not what this is.

We promise to provide you with valuable tools that you can use right away without having to enroll in any continuing education. Over 90% of the event is hot content and transformational breakthrough exercises. You’ll learn more about your business, yourself and money in these three days than in many expensive coaching programs.

That said, we will invite you to join the RISE (Reset, Income, Support & Education) program, if it feels like a fit for you, to give you ongoing support to reach your goals even faster. There is no pressure to join, and we’ll adore you no matter what.

We LOVE that enough people decide to keep working with us that we can continue to offer this life-changing event.

Will There Be a Recording or Live Stream?

Because of the experiential nature of this event, it doesn’t make sense to record or live stream it. There’s just no substitute for a live immersion like this so we encourage you to do everything you can to carve out the time and space to join us in person.

Is There an Online Version?

We have other programs that are available that cover some pieces of the content that you’ll learn at the event, but in terms of experiential learning (which is the most valuable part), there’s just no substitute for a live immersion.

If you have a good track record of holding yourself accountable to learning from home study courses, you’ll still get value from our other programs.

But we’ve found that the people who get the best results attend the live event so we encourage you to do everything you can to join us in person.

If you absolutely cannot attend the live event (or you just want to get started right away, you can e-mail for more information about our other programs.

What If I’ve Attended This Event in the Past? Should I Come Again?

This is a fabulous event to attend multiple times! Not only is it helpful to review the material and be exposed to new content but because so much of the event is experiential, it’s different every time. Each time you attend, you’ll gain new insights, make new connections, and uplevel your business,  money mindset and business lifestyle. 

Here's what others are saying ...

“Even if you are kind of an introvert you just step out of your comfort zone and

you’ll leave feeling like you can do anything.”

"This has been invaluable in my life(…) It’s helped me break through.

Where I have been unconsciously stuck and not seeing my own value."

"I went in thinking I can’t get out of the place I was stuck in, and now I can (…)

I feel energized and I feel excited"

“This is my fourth event. At first, I was thinking, do I have time for this?
Am I going to learn anything? And the answer is yes!”

“Attending the second time, I realized I was not living in my values. Tania helped me step out of my comfort zone, it’s worth the investment and the time. I’ve already made gains in my business.” 

"These 3 days have  completely revitalized me & recommitted me to the passion that led me to start my business to begin with."

"I am believing in myself again: that I matter, that I have self worth and I do have skills and talents to share with others which is a big part of my heart's purpose: to share with other people and serve them."

"If you’re on the fence about coming, or you might not be able to find the time, you're never going to find the time until you make this happen for you. Take that time no matter what you've got going on [...] And you’ll be climbing up the mountain instead of running around it."

"This weekend was different. It's a combination of practical, magical, expansive, I'm just in a whole other space. I feel it like it was such a gift!"

About Tania Vasallo, Your Host

Tania Vasallo is the host of The Courage To Be Podcast, one of the top 1.5% ranking podcasts in the world.

She’s also the founder of  The Courage To Be a global community of high-achieving women entrepreneurs working to become financially empowered and independent. She also hosts Increase Your Income and Impact, her signature live event to help women expand their businesses and mindsets. 

Born to a Spanish father and an American mother and raised in Spain, Tania was constantly in search of freedom from a patriarchal society. She now specializes in transforming a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance and prosperity so that her clients discover their own autonomy in their personal and financial choices. With her guidance, her first Money Magic Miracles cohort of 28 women made over 1.2 million dollars collectively in just eight weeks. 

Tania has been an invited speaker at events such as Speak to Sell by Lisa Sasevich, From Heartache to Joy with Eram Saeed, Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith, and Women Make a Difference. She has also been featured on over 30 podcasts in the last year, including Look What She Built, Women In Confidence, Money Tales, Real Money Talks with Loral Lagnmeier, and more.

Tania lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, daughter, and multiple pets.

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