“Do you feel like you’re not making as much money as you could or you’re not making as big a difference in the world as you were meant to?”

Hi there!  

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had some kind of formal education, high school, college, or even a professional license or certification.  

What did they teach you about money and valuing yourself in school?  

If you’re like the hundreds of other people I’ve worked with, the answer is “nothing” or “not much.”  

If you didn’t learn about valuing yourself and money in school, how do you get a LIFE EDUCATION?  

By “life education,” I mean, specifically, how to create a life & business that you love, that is meaningful to you, which is aligned with your values.  

If you suspect that you may need to own your worth, learn about how to advance your financial education and confidence, then keep reading… 

“I Got 2 Master Degrees, Plenty Of Certifications, But My Business Was Failing…”  

Several years ago, I thought I could achieve freedom. I worked in corporate America on million dollar accounts like Samsung, AT&T Wireless, Nabisco, Starbucks, etc. As an art director, I would help them solve their problems and create memorable campaigns that would increase their profit. From the outside in, it looked very glamorous; but deep down, my soul was dying. I felt I needed to experience a life of freedom from corporate America. I wanted to venture out on my own and bring together all my skills as an art director, photographer and life coach.  

I opened up a studio with my husband and we had good months and then we had bad months. It was the feast and famine cycle. Many days I’d think about going back to corporate America just to have a secure pay check.  

During one of those years, a dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. This completely made me give up on my coaching for four years. While working with my own coach, she pointed out, “Think of all the people you could have helped along their path in these years that you weren’t coaching.”  

I became one of those people that had a deep yearning and passion to make a difference in the world, but I couldn’t figure out how to succeed on my own. I had spent thousands of dollars on different degrees and certifications that I wasn’t monetizing. My business was failing and all I could think of was: “How could I bring all my passions together into one place?” 

I thought about giving up,  

But there was something bigger inside me that pulled me through, knowing that I wanted to work with other passionate women in the world. If I could figure this out, make it work, connect with one other woman and inspire her to make a difference in her life, family and community, then it would all be well worth it.  

Right after that, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a workshop and a high level mastermind group where some of the guests were multi-millionaire business owners. I saw the impact that the main facilitator and a lot of the participants were having on the world. This revelation showed me that the problem wasn’t me. I just hadn’t been shown the way to be able to thrive, to make more money and make a bigger difference. 


I now had a new goal: to inspire as many passionate-driven women to make a bigger difference in the world and make money while doing it. If we all come together, it will become a ripple effect and we can turn the world into a better place! I continued to get educated in business and branched out on my own giving birth to “The Courage To Be Happy”.  

I am now more PASSIONATE than ever about teaching women about owning their value & learning about money

In my first year, my list went from 0 to over 1,000. Since then, I’ve been doubling my business every single year, touching the lives of so many women. I achieved this working only 20-25 hours a week. Because when I started this business, I was a new mom to a 1 year old. I have learned a lot throughout my journey. In this event, I will share with you how to learn from my mistakes so you won’t make the same ones. I am now more PASSIONATE than ever about teaching women about owning their value, learning about money so that they can design a life and business that brings them the freedom that they are looking for. Now, I am MORE PASSIONATE than ever about teaching women to own their value and to learn about money. In doing so, they’ll be able to design a life and business that brings them the freedom they are looking for. “If You’ve Ever Felt Overwhelmed, Confused or Frustrated When It Comes to Making More Money and Making a Bigger Difference, You’ve Come to The Right Place…” If you’re like most of the clients I’ve worked with you are: • Tired of working so hard just to get by financially • Overwhelmed by the details of making more money with your business • Frustrated that all your efforts still aren’t getting you the results you want • Afraid that your life will pass you by and you won’t be able to fulfill your dreams 

That’s Why I Created the 3-Day Live Event: Increase Your Income and Impact …”  

In just one weekend, you’ll receive the life education that you never received in school or at home. You’ll have a profound shift in how you value yourself and your relationship with money. 

After this event, you’ll never see yourself the same way again... 

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn:  

• Connect with your authenticity and own your value so you can start shifting your dollars per hour to dollars per value  

• Simple strategies on how to overcome the stresses of money and befriend it instead  

• Learn to manage your time efficiently so you can maximize the hours in the day  

• Become visible to attract your ideal clients and have a bigger impact in the world  

What People Are Saying About Tania’s Retreats and Events: 

“Laughter, sharing, tears of joy, learning and connection. That is what you will receive and relish during the retreat. This was my second time in attendance and I expanded my knowledge of business, sales, and marketing. Plus, I connected with some incredible women who are now part of my tribe...”~Amanda Quintana-Bowles 

“Met amazing women—including Tania—in a safe space that Tania creates. The retreat helped me gain clarity about my business potential and about getting life questions worked out. It’s a work in progress and this class helped me take another step.”~ Elaine Hinman  

“Tania did a fantastic job sharing all her talents to create one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Being a personal and professional development junkie, I’ve attended many. However, now I have total renewed hope in my business and how to get there. With Tania’s help and systems, I’m confident I can step into the greatness of myself and what I’ve created with Women Make A Difference. Thank you, Tania!”~Val Romero 

“Tania, the first word I can think of is WOW!!! These three days have been life changing. The process you take the group/me through builds an understanding of how valuable my authenticity is, how it can be expressed through my business, how important my brand consistency should be, the value I offer the world and that I matter. Thank you.”~Jamie Wells  

“I was feeling some blocks around my business and how to go forward. The workshop helped me shift and shake some things up so I can see a path through. Great connections with amazing women! So many well thought out ideas and options, giving me insight into greater possibilities.”~Carol Rose  

“What I really appreciate about Tania’s guidance is how focused she is on helping us be authentic to ourselves. We wear so many masks in our world that it’s so valuable to have someone support me in being exactly who I am and creating a brand that aligns with me!”~Dia LeMAnah 

“Tania, you inspire and uplift. You see the potential in people, winding from their futures like ribbons, before they can see it themselves. Your light, energy and love are infectious. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! And I hope we continue to find ways to work together. I saw the hope you raised in the women at this event and bow deeply to it. Much love.”~Summer Steele


May 13-15, 2020

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)  

9:00 am - 5 pm Mountain Time  

Santa Fe, NM, U.S.A.  

Peace of Mind Guarantee 

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients and I have created with the systems I teach. This is not a done-for-you program, so you must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results. Your success depends on your commitment, and there is no guarantee you will achieve the same results represented here.  

I promise to deliver high quality content and training. I’m confident you will get HUGE value.  

I’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program at no risk. You can attend the first day, and if you don’t like it, you may request a full refund.

“Yes, Tania! I'm Ready to make more money while making a bigger difference!”  

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“You Will Love It!” 

You’ll never look at yourself quite the same way again after this event.

I’m excited to support you in opening yourself more fully to the abundance that’s waiting for you!  

To your success!  

P.S. This is your chance to have a profound shift in how to make more money while making a bigger difference in the world.  

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